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April 9, 2010

Cool Weather & Transplants (update 1)

 After hardening off for a few days we planted our cool weather vegetables. This includes our cabbage, brussel sprouts, purple cauliflower leeks, red and Georgia onions. In addition to these seedlings we transplanted, we also have sowed directly our collard greens, kale, and swiss chard.

Thanks to a local gardener who had an abundance of plants, we now have more daylillies, and two other mystery plants that he wanted to thin out as well. We are so excited about them growing and blooming so we can identify them and give you an update. I like surprises, especially when they will grow 6 to 8 feet tall with bloom and keep my beagle from visiting the sweet young sheila two houses over.

Oh and on a side note our winter sowing has been a success so far. I'm actually on my way out to water and check the progress and will be updating pictures for you later this evening or tomorrow morning at the latest. So far what I know is up and germinated are the following: Mother of Thyme, Soy Beans, Cosmos, Dwarf Peas, climbing spinach, Sugar Daddy Peas, Baby's Breath, and Poppies.

Like I said before look for pictures and updates on this process. It may be something you want to try for yourself. I've convinced my mother in-law to try it and she's gotten her two milk jugs filled with okra and peas. Next week she should see some results I'll keep you posted on that as well because we have put a beautiful wooden border around her garden and have been diligent with filling it in with fresh compost and healthy top soil and other amendments.