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The Fuss!

Why don't more people garden? That's what the fuss is about!
What is The Fuss? Well, The Fuss is about the most pressing questions I, my friends, family, and fellow growers have about gardening. This page specifically was created as a means to quickly access the most popular subjects I'm asked about or have had myself. The number one question is how to get started. The easy answer is you have to plant a seed somewhere and tend it. But the more technical answer is to have a plan on where to grow, what you want to grow; being mindful of how it needs to grow, and then how and when to harvest. With that being said, starting seeds using the winter sowing method, miniature PVC green houses, and straw bale gardening [pictures coming soon] are at the top of that list of Have you ever? questions that I'm asked. This page will allow easier access to some of the methodology and thought processes around how to grow a garden from scratch.  I will make updates as well as compile new information I've acquired from trial by dirt/weather/health/family/community/and experts then link them here. The attached video is of our 2011 garden from compiling seeds, winter sowing, square gardening, growth progress from May through October, the harvest, and processing. There is no audio but lots of pretty pictures so please enjoy!

Garden Planning and Seed Starting