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May 19, 2012

Everything is in Finally!

2012 Full  Veg & Herb Garden View
Well I can't say that I don't know where the time goes when it comes to posting updates. Because you fellow gardeners can attest to how quickly one task turns into yet another task and pretty soon planting turns into trellising, weeding, mulching, watering, and so on and so forth. 

Today has been a great day in the garden. Especially since I've finally gone to the doc to get meds for my seasonal allergies and mild asthma that went super crazy starting 3 weeks ago... I won't talk too much about that but I can say that a case of the bad coughs resulted in a horrible groin pull/hernia deal... Try gardening with that... ***OUCHY*** 

2012 Full  Veg & Herb Garden View too
Anyway enough of that icky stuff and back to yapping about all the wonderful help I received from the DH, and even the daughter who has been M.I.A. as far as gardenign this year goes. The first thing I did today was to pick up the last of the summer veg from gardening matters local food resource hub distribution. I then observed buds on the dianthus, peonies and spiderwort. I somehow did not have time to get pics of them today and will have to go out tomorrow and get them to you.  I gave away lots of plants that I started in my own little greenhouse to neighbors and friends which included: Stupice, Chocolate Cherry, and Yellow pear tomatoes, Haogen Melons, Table Queen Squash, Red Russian Kale, Red Romain Lettuce, and a grip of seeds. Every year I have a few staples in the garden that I like to grow from year to year and those I save seeds from. The others I have tried and had success mostly but don't want a do over so why not give them away? 

2012 Herb Garden View
Peach Nasturtium and Eggplant
With help I have finally transplanted all the remaining summer veg [grown from seed] into the garden and we are now getting much needed and welcomed rain after 90+ degrees yesterday and high 80's today. Thank you Lord for making my job so much easier! The DH went to town breaking out the mower today, trimming, edging, and sweeping. (all of which I hate to do) The daughter transplanted, dug a new more decorative garden bed. This will result in a little less work for m later on because the weeds *crabby grass* was getting way out of control and this was a way to take control of an area instead of being controlled by an area. Now it will be beautified with Naples Giant Cauliflower, rhubarb *transplanted*, leeks, nasturtium, daikon radish, rutabaga, and marigolds.  I'm sure I am forgetting more than one thing for this update but that is just how it has to be I am over-exhausted but looking forward to appreciating the look and feel of everything tomorrow and more days to come.  

Lisianthus from "Friends School Plant Sale 2012"

So I bid you a due and a good ole sleep this rainy evening! 

Table Queen Squash
Tat Tsoi Greens