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June 23, 2011

A warm drink on a cold summers day? Borage Tea

So today is June 23, 2011 and I am thinking about a nice tall MUG of hot tea or even cocoa. It is literally in the 50's here in Minnesota. I should be sitting in the garden enjoying 80 degree weather watching the bumblebees tumbling through the Rasberry bushes and flitting through the strawberry patch. Instead I am contemplating a hot beverage and looking for a warm pair of socks. While the water is boiling I had a thought; why don't I use some fresh herbs from the garden with a fresh crispness to it for my tea? With that question in my mind I decided I would head out to get some borage leaves. Armed with the power of Google I came across the most amazing recipes that I am so excited to try. Including battered and fried borage leaves, and an amazing looking Borage Jelly recipe I found at http://www.herb.co.za/herbal/borage-recipes.htm

This amazing beneficial companion plant has been growing in my garden the last 3 years and is so welcome an addition. Because of this amazing herb we have bees, bees, and more bees..... I highly recommend this plant to anyone looking to help pollinators in the garden and anyone looking to add color, beauty, and deliciousness to their baking products. As you'll see from the pictures it is very appealing to the eye and it has dual purpose so plant some before the summer is over. The count down to fall is ticking......
Now I've updated you all on this brisk day and am off to the garden for some delicious refreshing herbs. Call if you want a cup. Happy Planting!!!!