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September 3, 2010

Today is dedicated to the fig

I have been a lover of "Fig Newtons" since longer than I can remember. Well the papa in-law brings back this deeply dark concoction calleds fig preserves a few summers ago. My husband pretty much pursed his lips up like he had eaten a lemon so I looked at the jar with suspicion. Initially I thought maybe someone had pulled a fast one on pops and given him molasses. My hubby hates molasses but this looked a little different so I had to ask "what is that?". Pops showed me the lable, and it seemed interesting to me that one could actually make a jam out of figs. Well, I was still wet behind the ears on the flavor profile and the concept of creating such confections back then. Anyway, to make a long story short the next day mom in-law made her light and buttery biscuits which I usually don't eat cause I'm a toast or English muffin kind of girl (but they are delicious). There was no English muffin in sight, nor was there honey in sight which always pairs well with biscuits so I grabbed the already open jar of "FP". Hooked is not a strong enough description to describe my instant addiction. I was harpooned into submitting yet again to the lovely, plump, and sweetly decadent fig. After being "initiated" into fig heaven I had to try making my own. Below is a picture of my beautiful confiture made with fig of course, thyme and lemon. I will keep you posted on the family's review of my handi-work when they arrive home this afternoon. You'll also notice a jar of canned pears in the right hand corner. The Ebster and I knocked the last two pounds of pears out last night and boy am I thankful to have it all over and done with. Now I'm ready for some peach preserve. (I guess I love torture) LOL

UPDATE: More Fig Jam (Confit) Pictures