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August 12, 2010

Duo of Au'Gratin

From almost start to finish this was a delicious dish. I was surprised how sweet the blue potatoes were in the dish, but not like a sweet potato. I made a curry cheese sauce as an experiment and it turned out fabulous. I think this would be great with chicken pieces added to it. Boiled, broiled, grilled, or fried, that would have been a great accompaniment or addition to this dish. Next year I will get an early start on my potato plantings as this year I waited a little too long to decide what variety to go with. I have several sweet potato plants sprawling around now that I'm excited to get a harvest from. I wish I could claim that these blue and gold sweeties were from my garden, but alas they are from the the farmers market. Which reminds me, the Mill City Farmers Market is getting close to their fall harvest party, I need to buy tickets. I hope you enjoy the pictures of this fab dish, and when I get a few moments more I will add the recipe which I will post or email if requested.