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July 2, 2010

Easy Lunch Boxes - The Best LunchBoxes

Today I have lunch on my mind. Not for me, but for the 3 other bipeds who get to escape my home 5 days a week. **smile**
So todays dilemma is successfully getting a bun, hot dog and chili into a container without the fuss or mess. Well, I was surfing Jamie Oliver's website and came across this site for not just Easy Lunch Boxes, but - The Best LunchBoxes. Sometimes I am a skeptic due to my fascination with late night infomercials; but I watched the informational video about their mission to create a "greener" lunch box for families and was hooked. A little chuckle resulted from watching this determined mom pitch her product while demonstrating lunch preparation for for 3 or 4 kids. It's fast economical, and by golly it is greener. So I will be ordering their set of four with a bag today, no sense waiting til the fall to find a great lunch solution.