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May 19, 2010

Canna Disaster....and Where are the Dahlias?

Yesterday I searched the garage for the "bulb" container I used to store my Canna rhizomes and Dahlia Bulbs. I would have had success storing these if it hadn't have gotten so cold and my memory would have kicked in sooner. This is one of those situations where in hind sight I should have gone with my first mind and brought them into the house instead of thinking a little cold would do them good. Well as you can tell from my little memory sequence, I have lost several plants due to sure ignorance and inexperience. As I held the soggy stinky mass of yuck I started to rethink the plants that fill in the space near my central air unit. I'm now thinking Zinnias for the same pop in color but they won't be as tall as the dinner plate dahlia or cannas. They'll be close to the house and easy to water so here goes a try.  Well, as more seasoned gardeners say "you win some, and you lose some" (my mother in-law that is). For now I'm going to keep moving forward and get these Jalapenos planted before the sun is too high, and enjoy some pumpkin bread with good company. Happy Planting!